Hire me

TDD evangelist who loves programming clean code architecture.

I’m available as a freelance iOS engineer and always looking for new interesting challenges.

You can hire me for:

  • Swift programming
  • App architecture
  • Scrum development
  • Code review

I’ve worked with a lot of clients like:

  • RTL Interactive GmbH
  • Cologne Broadcasting Center GmbH
  • addmore mobile GmbH
  • Henkel Loctite
  • Vodafone

Since Apple swift has released, I have been working with it. I love to work in Scrum teams and write code after writing tests, because I think that this increases the software quality considerably.

If you think that would be interesting to your team, app or company please contact me by sending an email to a.schaefer@app-concept.de or add me on Xing.